Finally, I could say. I’ve been planning to launch my new site for quite some time now. The first date was in November last year cos I put my old site online then, 3 years ago. The next date was on first day of the new year because…well, it’s a new year. :) I was away most of the December so I had to postpone it again. I had the new design ready but didn’t find the time to choose the back-end and make the implementation.


I actually got the idea for this design when working on some other project. When playing with the layout and different options I kinda deviate from the original plan and somewhere in the middle realized, that this is something really close to what I’ve been looking for. I must say here that I was already thinking back then about redesigning my site but didn’t know yet which style to choose. There’s been, or still is, a trend of going from graphical to more minimalistic, blog-type, style but I’m not a big fan of it. If you’re a designer, let it show. :)


After I was more or less satisfied with the looks it was time to choose the engine for the whole site. For a short time I was playing with the idea of using some framework such as CakePHP or Codeignator to make the site from scratch. I quickly realized that doing it this way, would take even more time and the site would never be up. So I decided to try my luck with CMS.

Since my new site is meant to be pretty simple, and that I had a chance to work with it on few of my projects, I’ve chosen the WordPress. There were few changes of the initial look as I was getting to know WP in more detail, but I also got few new ideas out of it.

The site will probably be work-in-progress for some time as I’ll change or add some content later. I put up only the basics and will work on details later, as time permits. Specially the portfolio part which will show only the latest projects for now…with a link to the old site.

Anyway, I hope you like the look and that I can put on some useful content. :)

PS: A big thanks to Elliot Jay Stocks whose advising and help with WP I really appreciates